Our eye patients have been coming to us from far flung areas (5-700 kilometers) away , some

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Normally General Patients come from within a radius of 100 kilometer.

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Public health clinic provide Antenatal, vaccinations and mother care

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Hospital is providing comprehensive treatment and skilled dental services

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Our Services

We are offering comprehensive eye, medical, public health and dental services to a patient. Many other services are listed below

Gyne Services

Hospital provides all ultrasound, Maternity and nursery services. Hospital provides diagnosis related to pelvic, urinary and pre and post natal.

Eye and Medical clinics

Hospital provides eye and medical diagnosis services such as eye and medical procedure, diagnosis ( x-ray, unltrasound and lab) and surgeries.

Emergency Services

Hospital provide trauma care, Gynae and initial treatment of heart and stroke in emergency department. Emergency staff is well trained.

Blood Bank

Hospital provides blood transfusion, compatibility testing, pack cell, platelets and whole blood services to hospital patients.

Operation Theater

Hospital have well eqipped EYE and Medical operation theaters. All surgeries are carried out in aseptic environment

Public Health Services

Hospital provides services related to pre and post natal care, vaccination and child and family care, family planning services.

Private Room Services

Hospital provides private room services for patient of different categories. Hospital provide well furnished room and nursing services at private room.

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